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morganTo be healthy is to be smart and to make smart choices. With Morgantm, you make one of the most important choices in life. We assure that you make smart choice that matters. As a complete bedding solution for everyone in the family for every life cycle, Morgantm offers a perfected sleep system, creating healthy and revived body shape, results in the ideal body condition to embrace and triumph over your day. Usher yourself in, get to know our exceptionally-crafted-for-you bedding solution. Make smart choice. Smart choice that matters. Visit our website for more information

Pocketed Spring
Pocket technology in Morgantm products provide you more comfort and irresistible sleep. When you lay down, your spine will align perfectly with the mattress, giving you a more relaxed and deeper sleep.

Natural  Latex
Made with all natural rubber for comfort and support. The pure latex sleep surface is naturally resistant to airborne bacteria, providing a healthy sleep environment. 100% latex rubber is the most durable sleep surface on earth.

Foam Encased
A molded foam-encased integrated flexible support device includes an innerspring positioned upon a three-dimensional thermoplastic foam deck as a flexible foundation, and a molded foam encasement which structurally integrates the foam deck with the innerspring by attachment to perimeter coils of the innerspring.

5 Firmness Level
Morgantm m products provide you 5 Different Firmness Level with 3 different stage of Level soft, medium and hard. This is the complete healthy sleeping solution for creating healthy and ideal body shape and weight.




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